SelfHelp How to Master Psychometric Tests [Paperback] ! Mark Pa in Jalan Tenaga, East Singapore for sale

SelfHelp How to Master Psychometric Tests [Paperback] !

How to Master Psychometric Tests [Paperback]
Mark Parkinson
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Brand-new practice questions * Provides practical advice on every aspect of psychometric testing Psychometric tests are now widely used to select candidates for employment. They also play an important role in staff assessment and careers guidance, providing objective and detailed information on abilities, personality, values and interests. This new edition is full of expert advice that will help candidates prepare themselves, deal with nervousness and learn how to answer typical questions. By understanding how the tests work, candidates will learn how to improve their performance. This expanded edition contains information on the latest developments in online testing and addresses of useful websites. "How to Master Psychometric Tests" really is the ideal introduction to psychometric testing.
"If you want to improve your chances of getting the job you want by understanding how tests work and what you can do to improve your performance, you need to read this book, at only GBP8.99 it's a fantastic investment. This fully revised best-selling guide provides advice on how to deal with the latest developments in psychometric testing - both in tests of ability and personality assessment." Seren "A great introduction to the world of psychometric testing...definitely GBP8.99 worth spending!" Newscheck
About the Author
Mark Parkinson is a leading business psychologist and the co-designer of popular psychometric tests. He is a consultant to a number of leading employers on staff recruitment and is also the author of several best-selling Kogan Page titles.
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Paperback: 176 pages
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